Calling all Karaoke Kings & Queens

This is not a drill. I repeat not a drill. Because here at the Exhibit B we’re hosting the most epic sing-a-long spectacular in existence, think a ton of top- notch tipples to get those vocals loose, mouth-watering munch from our Cattle Grid menu & a medley of music to suit every maestro. And for only £35 you and all your popstars pals can have 1 hour of karaoking, 3 delicious drinks & full CG meal on us – pretty rockstar ay?

And if you’re thinking of going the full Mariah, you and up to 30 of your girl/ boy bands can privately hire our exclusive surround sound studio (aka our glorious ski cabin) for a night of boozy ballad- filled boogying till the early hours of the morn. Complete with cracking cocktails – did we mention it’s 2 – 4 – 1 from 4-8pm EVERYDAY? – The mic/ margaritas are calling …

But over here it isn’t just our karaoke that’s top of the pops- we’ve got you plus up to 10 pals the ultimate cinema N chill. Whether you’re enjoying one of fab films (on our extra snug seats may we add) or bringing your own movie – our private screenings are complete with feel- good food and fabulous drinks at the ready. Plus add bubbles to your booking for the most epic movie night – we give it 5 *.