Karaoke Hire

Karaoke Kings & Queens – your time has finally come.

At the Exhibit B we’re topping the charts with an epic sing-a- long spectacular like no other; think scrumptious cocktails, marvellous munch options & your own private room for you plus thirty mates to get your boozy boogie on.

And with a ton of tunes for every musical mood, we’re inviting you and all your girl/ boy bands to join us for the ultimate karaoke extravaganza!

Thinking of adding bubbles and bites to your beats? We’ll leave you starstruck with our fantastic £35 offer; including 1 hour karaoke hire, 3 delightful drinks, a full Cattle Grid meal (vegan, veggie & gluten free options of course) & some sweet melodies for the slaying.

Exhibit B Streaham Hill Karaoke