Valentines Day 

O Romeo, Romeo- wherefore art though Romeo? Well Juliet, I am at Exhibit B of course – about to enjoy a fine evening of classic cinema, champagne and a food fit for a Montague!

Bringing to you the classic Shakespearean romantic tragedy, a tale of love and woe set in the modern-day city of Verona Beach. Starring a very dreamy, young Dicaprio, it follows the trials and tribulations of the feuding Montague & Capulet families, and their hopelessly romantic offspring Romeo & Juliet.

So come on down with your star-crossed lovers/ beau’s/ besties for a Valentines evening to remember!

£35 – Film Ticket, Delicious 2 Course Dinner & Glass Of Champagne
£27.50– Delicious 2 Course Dinner & Film Ticket



Lobster Linguine Sautéed with fresh lobster, in a rich tomato sauce
Penne Norma Grilled Aubergine, courgette & sweet peppers, in a pomodoro sauce (v)
Veg Shepherd’s Pie Hearty shepherd’s pie with quorn mince in a vegetarian gravy, served with buttery sweet potato mash (v)
Tagliatelle Venison Homemade Tagliatelle with slow- roasted venison Ragu & finished with shaved parmesan topping
Rib Eye Streak 250g Butchers- choice premium cut Rib – eye, served with béarnaise sauce & garlic & thyme seasoned wedges


Chocolate Fondant
Crème Brûlée
Vegan Apple Tartine